BSFA Award Winners

The winners of the BSFA Awards for the best works published in 2010 were awarded at Eastercon on Saturday night in a ceremony hosted by Paul Cornell, assisted by hard-working BSFA Award Administrator, Donna Scott.

Best Novel: The Dervish House, Ian McDonald

Best Short Story: “The Shipmaker“, Aliette de Bodard (PDF)

Best Non-Fiction: “Blogging the Hugos” at Big Other, Paul Kincaid (Part 1)

Best Artwork: Cover for Zoo City, Joey Hi-Fi

Thank you to everyone who nominated and voted, and congratulations to the winners!

4 thoughts on “BSFA Award Winners

  1. Congratulations to Lauren Beukes!

    I’ll hijack this thread to note that PS Publishing have announced that they have low stock of their past Clarke winner, Ian R. MacLeod’s Song of Time, and when they’ve run out it will be out of print – and then I suspect the price of used copies will go up significantly. Anyone heard of a paperback or ebook edition in the works? I’d love to read it, but can’t afford limited-edition-hardback prices.

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