Arthur C Clarke Award Winner, 2011

Congratulations to Lauren Beukes, whose Zoo City yesterday won the juried Arthur C Clarke Award for the best work of science fiction published in the UK in 2010!

<strike>Twelve</strike> Eleven people correctly guessed the winner from the shortlist of six books. Next week, we will find out which of those twelve is the lucky winner of two short story collections, Fables from the Fountain, NewCon Press’ homage to Arthur C. Clarke’s Tales from the White Hart; and Celebration, an anthology published in honour of the BSFA’s fiftieth anniversary.

P.S. Abigail rounded up reviews of the shortlist, pre-award announcement.
After the award announcement: Alison Flood at the Guardian; Paul Graham Raven at CultureLab; Niall at Strange Horizons

4 thoughts on “Arthur C Clarke Award Winner, 2011

  1. funny – it’s already grown in stature forme. I think it might be one of those choices that hold up well in retrospect.. I’m glad it was one of the three also on the bsfa shotlist. Together those 3 make a strong advert for contemporary sf.

  2. Hopefully I’ll post in the right thread this time…

    Congratulations to Lauren Beukes!

    I’ll hijack this thread to note that PS Publishing have announced that they have low stock of their past Clarke winner, Ian R. MacLeod’s Song of Time, and when they’ve run out it will be out of print – and then I suspect the price of used copies will go up significantly. Anyone heard of a paperback or ebook edition in the works? I’d love to read it, but can’t afford limited-edition-hardback prices.

  3. I’m personally thrilled for Lauren Beukes and Angry Robot and delighted with this result, and glad you all like it too

    It’s a brilliant result for an exceptional year, and congratulations again to all of the shortlisted authors and publishers

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