August: Life

It’s the eighth month of the year already* and we’re still back in 2004 in reading the Future Classics here on Torque Control.

August’s book is Gwyneth Jones’ Life. It is the second of two books from 2004 (the other was City of Pearl) and one of three by Jones on our list this year. It did very well for itself, winning the Philip K Dick award for that year and being shortlisted for the Tiptree Award.

Nic of Eve’s Alexandria, a new poster on Torque Control, should be joining us to discuss the book before the end of the month. I hope you will join us in reading and discussing it!

* It’s almost still the first half of the month, right?

2 thoughts on “August: Life

  1. Quite looking forward to this. I read Life, partly to continue through the future classics list, partly on the strength of other Jones. Found it excellent, one of the most engrossing and affecting books I’ve read recently. The best of Jones, do people think? Much as I liked Spirit and the White Queen sequence (a bit more lukewarm on Bold as Love and sequels) Life seemed the most quietly extraordinary.

  2. I certainly think it’s the best Jones I’ve read — but I haven’t read White Queen, which is the other one people rate particularly highly.

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