Extra opportunity to nominate for the BSFA Awards!

I have a guilty admission to share with you.  For all the times I posted about the BSFA Awards in the last year, encouraging you to share your recommendations of the best UK-published sf novel, the best sf short story, the best work of sf non-fiction, and the best sf artwork from 2011… I never actually got around to putting in a nomination myself last week by the deadline.

I didn’t nominate because I didn’t feel I’d read a wide enough selection of 2011 works. And that may be the same reason why number of people nominating were down somewhat from last year. I still read – and saw – a number of works which were worthy of nomination and which I certainly wouldn’t mind seeing on the ballot.

But! I – and you – have a chance to make up for this.

Starting right now, until Thursday January 19th at 10 pm, the BSFA is accepting additional nominations, especially – particularly – from those BSFA members who haven’t already nominated.

Join me, and nominate! The more people who do, the more representative of the BSFA the resulting shortlists will be.

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